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Well, 3 or 4 years after my last band band blew apart because the guitar player up and quit after a gig, then after my divorce and having to learn to be and trust myself again I've joined another band.  I can't think of better timing for a call.  My friend Neil, a drummer who I played with in the last band (which was a surf band called The Eradicators, here's a quick video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I7hgx5l5mU) called me up and asked to have lunch.  He was playing in a band as a duo, just guitar and drums and they were considering filling out the sound and wanted to see how it came across with a bass player and I got the call.  Sidebar...  For those bass players out there, yes that is an ultra rare Rickenbacker 4002...  And it's long gone, I sold it years ago to help buy a house after my divorce, please don't ask me if its for sale or trade, its gone!  :(

It was awesome, its now all original, catchy rock songs with great melodies and everything that makes me like original songs.  After one jam, they asked if I wanted to stick around...  Fuck yes!!!!  They've got an amazing catalogue of songs!  And we write well together which is heaven after some prior experiences in other bands. 

We've been in Sloan's studio recording songs for an ep.  We've finished 3 of them, feel free to check us out, we're called "The Owns" at soundcloud.com/theowns

Of course being a music photographer I got the gig to do the promo shot...  Figures, I'm really happy with everything in it except my head shot...  Sheesh!  Again, please check us out, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The Owns: Promo Pic by basseca

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